Mobile WI-FI

Wi-Fi Solutions for Education

Today’s students are tech-natives. They grew up navigating the digital landscape, and technology is woven into the fabric of their everyday lives – including their educational experiences.

With the right technology solutions, you can improve the academic experience for children in your network.

Our team provides the solutions you need to offer free, high-speed internet for students to complete homework assignments, do research, and connect with the world outside their communities.


Did you know that K-12 students sometimes commute up to an hour just to go to school? 

With Wi-Fi in Motion, you can help kids complete assignments, learn remotely, and advance themselves academically – all in a protected environment. Our team provides CIPA-compliant products that ensure safe, secure access for your students – both remotely and in the classroom.


The university environment is demanding, and your students need high-quality, robust internet access to navigate it. Our team provides a variety of bandwidth packages to help you shape service for your students and provide a reliable connection experience. Join Stanford, Ohio State, and UT-Austin in moving education forward!

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