We believe everyone deserves high-quality access to 4G LTE cellular networks and robust Wi-Fi, and we go above and beyond to provide it.

Offering more than a decade of industry experience and trusted by major U.S. cities, first responders, private charter operators and recreational travelers, we’re here to provide the right hardware and network for the best possible coverage for your mobile Wi-Fi application.

Trusted by Major U.S. Cities

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Rob Taylo

CEO & Founder

My name is Rob Taylo, CEO and Founder of SinglePoint (Wi-Fi In Motion). I grew up in Indiana. My summers were often filled with road trips with my grandparents to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or farther treks to strange lands like… California. The experiences I encountered during those trips created memories I will never forget.

Even silly things like sitting in the “world’s largest rocking chair” or standing in front of the “world’s largest frying pan” were awe-inspiring moments when I was young. As a young kid, I was hooked on road trips.

Fast forward to my adult self, lying in bed at the age of 33, unable to sleep because there was uncertainty in my job. It was 2007, after all. (The year the iPhone launched.) I had worked for a decade in the wireless industry and loved the magic of wireless tech. The writing was on the wall at my employer; layoffs were coming. So there I lay, staring at the ceiling, asking my adult self the same question I asked my child self… What do I want to do when I grow up?
And then BAM! It hit me. I love road trips. I love wireless tech. At that point in time, there was a tsunami of tech savvy people on the brink of retirement. Those people are the “baby boomers”. I popped out of bed and started what would become the business plan for Wi-Fi In Motion (I later changed the name to SinglePoint, but kept Wi-Fi In Motion as the assumed business name). My goal from that day forward was to deliver the latest in technology to keep people connected who are living the road trip lifestyle.
Now my family and I take regular RV trips and are able to use Wi-Fi In Motion to make it happen! This allows my wife and I to work from the road and the kids to school from the road. It’s such an amazing feeling of freedom, and I am so proud to deliver this ability to others.
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