Recreational Wi-Fi Solutions

Life doesn’t stop, so your Wi-Fi service shouldn’t, either. Whether you’re on the go or off the beaten path, we’ll help you stay connected with your own hotspot. Do your banking from the banks of the river, check your social feeds from the road, or catch up on emails while out at sea.


All In One WIFI Package

- Built for the Weekend Warriors -

Why Create Your Own Hotspot?

Cell reception is spotty out there in the world, and nothing is more frustrating than searching for a reliable public Wi-Fi network, only to pull up web pages that won’t load. Plus, public Wi-Fi isn’t secure and can put your data at risk if you’re using it to conduct sensitive business, like financial or mobile banking transactions. 

Luckily, there’s another option. With our Wi-Fi , you’ll use the existing cellular network as the base for your connection, but you’ll also have the option to connect to outside Wi-Fi sources. We deliver the best possible chance of having your own secure Wi-Fi network that you don’t have to share. 

Not only is it faster and more secure, but it’s also a more affordable way to stay connected wherever you go.


What's Included:

All in One Cellucar Router

Mobile LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Repeater

Pre Installed Verizon SIM Card

Vehicle Power Supply

GO4 Wall Mount


CAT6 LTE Cellular – multiple carrier options available

2.4GHz & 5GHz connectivity let’s you choose the network that fits your needs, whether it’s gaming, streaming, or just having to check emails.

On/Off capabilities allow you to decide when you want to use your data.

Wif-Fi repeater allows you to conserve data by connecting your GO4 to local networks

Portable – take it with you wherever you travel!

300GB of monthly data – more than enough for a weekend trip with the family!


Since we offer different plans, monthly costs vary. We also allow customers to switch plans and even suspend services (for a reduced fee up to six months a year). For more information, click here.

WiFi In Motion helps you stay connected on the go. Our devices are powered by 4G LTE cellular networks. Our routers use cellular data and convert it into robust Wi-Fi networks. Our devices also allow you to connect to peripheral devices using Ethernet. To learn more about our routers, click here.

Our standard service agreements last one year. Since the majority of our customers are recreational travelers, we allow them to suspend services for up to six months a year – for a reduced fee of $25 per month.

Yes! Just connect with our Customer Support Team for more details.

No. Roof mount antennas are optional. Our router products ship with rubber duck antennas that are usually powerful enough to generate cellular signals for our routers. However, if you do use one of our optional roof mount antennas, you will see an improved signal in rural areas. To learn more about our antenna options, click here.

Our products are easy to install. Simply plug the unit in using the included wall power supply or optional 12V vehicle power supply, connect rubber duck antennas, and you are ready to browse! If you want to hardwire the products to your vehicle’s power supply (or use one of our roof mount antennas), we recommend professional installation from our trusted service partners. Don’t see a service partner in your area? Please connect with us for a recommendation. 

WiFi In Motion has partnered with the largest cellular providers in North America. Our BluFreedom plan is powered by AT&T, while our TruFreedom plan is powered by a mix of AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Telus, Rogers and Bell. Our BluFreedom plan is a great fit for users who are less concerned about coverage and more concerned about a higher volume of data available. Our TruFreedom plans are a great fit for customers who need the ultimate in access, as they leverage coverage from all of the major carriers in the US and Canada.

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